Wake Up The Heroes Of Tomorrow

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About Us

Our Mission is to hand tools to children, schools and teachers in Jamaica that encourage creativity, enhance their learning experience and create a dialogue.  We want to encourage children to be the best they can and realize they can be the heroes of tomorrow.  


WHF goes to schools in Jamaica to reach out to children and create a safe space where they can express their creativity. Learn More

Support Projects

WHF supports projects throughout the island that encourage children's learning experience with a special focus on arts and creative development.

Tablets For Jamaica

Jamaican Children in Need Of Tablets

Jamaican Students have been out of school for nearly 2 years. Despite efforts from the government lots of children are missing out on quality education. We Are The Heroes Foundation is partnering with several other organisations to collect contributions that will be used to purchase and distribute tablets for the children that need it the most.  We also encourage companies to come on board and make a physical donation.  Contact us for more info.