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Sunday Youth Programme

On Sundays we open our headquarters at the Pine Yard in Golden Spring to the community and other visitors. We organise free art workshops and classes for children aged between 6 and 12 years old. This Youth Programme was launched in March 2018 and aims to increase the participation of youths, local artists and community based volunteers.

We would also like to invite international and local artists and volunteers that want to be a part of this project to send us an email to: With Reference ‘Youth Program’



We give free workshops in schools around Jamaica with a focus on Primary Schools. We also attend local events, such as Cultural Festivals where we offer free Mini Workshops to the children.

We work with themes such as, Black History, National Heroes, Nature, Community and other fun and educational topics.  We can develop a Workshop and Tools fitted to your specific event or project.



We Are The Heroes Foundation has developed boxes for three of our most popular themes: Heroes Box, Community Box and Nature Box.

Each of the boxes has templates with activities, documentation and / or book, and all the art material that is needed for the school / educator to work in their classroom. The boxes can be ordered by email, telephone, or they can be collected from our Headquarters in Golden Spring.


Online Platform

We want to make sure that every child and school can benefit from the tools that we are developing. To make all of this accessible and available for everyone, we have created an online platform where a selection of our templates can be downloaded for free. Subscription to the newsletter is required.

We also send out Newsletters to inform on new downloads, upcoming events and other exciting updates.


We Are The Heroes Foundation collects books, games, educational toys, art supplies and more. Our library is open to the public on Sundays and we offer the option for teachers and other community workers to borrow our themed boxes.

We can also assist you with the development of specific games, projects or activities. Requests can also be sent by email to: